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Mockingjay tentative timeline

9/26-10/26: The refugees begin settling into life in District 13. Prim and Mrs. Everdeen begin working in the hospital. Katniss stays in the hospital at first, where she is heavily medicated to manage her pain and emotions (but these medicines also cause hallucinations). She speaks to doctors regularly. As time goes on, they begin to wean her off of her medications, and start talking to her about wanting her to be the face of their revolution. After a time, she moves into Compartment 307 with her mother and Prim.

10/26: Katniss (along with Gale, who stays in the helicopter) returns to visit the remains of District 12, having refused to cooperate with anyone from District 13 until she does so. She brings Buttercup back for Prim, among other things. That evening, Peeta is shown on TV, being interviewed by Caesar Flickerman.

10/27: Katniss finally agrees to help with the revolution. She discovers that her prep team was kidnapped from the Capitol and imprisoned in 13. She and her family move to Compartment E, where they can keep Buttercup. There is a district-wide assembly announcing Katniss's decision to help, along with her terms of agreement.

10/29: Katniss begins her training and preparation to be "the Mockingjay". She goes to District 8 (without telling her family) in the afternoon to film a propo spot at the site of bombing that had occurred that morning. While there, she's trapped in another bombing, and ends up in the hospital after returning to 13.

10/31: Peeta (looking much worse for wear) does another television interview with Flickerman.

11/1: Katniss is released from the hospital in the morning. She and Gale go to District 12 for interviews with Cressida (this time, Katniss tells her family in advance).

11/2: Peeta-- looking still worse-- is shown on TV yet again. He gives a warning that Katniss in 13 will be "dead by morning", which prompts a security lockdown in the district. Everyone is sent to bunkers deep underground. Prim just barely makes it in in time, because she went back to their compartment for Buttercup.

11/2-11/4: Bombs fall periodically (five rounds in total), but the bunkers aren't permeated.

11/5: After twenty-four full hours without bombings, everyone is finally permitted to leave the bunkers. The Everdeen family is given Compartment 2212. Katniss is immediately taken to film more propo spots confirming that the Capitol didn't kill her. Katniss goes into hysterics when she realizes that the reason Peeta is being tortured is because of what she says on-air, and she's given sedatives that knock her out for a full day.

11/6: A rescue team that Gale is a part of is sent into the Capitol to rescue the prisoners. Peeta is discovered to have been brainwashed againt Katniss, and he almost strangles her, which lands her in the hospital again.

11/7: Katniss is discharged from the hospital. Gale is kept on bedrest elsewhere, due to his injuries.

11/8: Katniss goes to District 2, where a lot of fighting is going on, and stays there for a couple of weeks-- training, helping the wounded, and filming propos.

11/22: Gale arrives in District 2 to help take down the Capitol military housed in the district's largest mountain.

11/23: Meetings start to begin trying to figure out how to take down the mountain. They end up going with Gale's idea of blowing it up (and killing nearly everyone inside). Late that night she makes a speech to the survivors, trying to get them to join the rebellion, and instead one of them shoots her. She's taken back to 13 and hospitalized for badly bruised ribs and a ruptured spleen (thanks to her armor, though, she wasn't directly pierced by the bullet). The rebels end up winning the battle, and District 2 officially allies with them. They then take a break to regroup.

11/26: Katniss awakens in the hospital.

11/28: Katniss films a propo letting the rest of the world know that she's alive.

12/5: Preparations begin for Finnick and Annie's wedding.

12/29: The wedding takes place. That night, Katniss visits Peeta for the first time since his return.

1/3: Katniss finds out that a mission to the Capitol is being planned, and she isn't being included while Gale is (he attended regular combat training sessions, while she didn't attend any). She convinces them to give her three weeks to make herself fit enough to go.

1/4: Katniss begins training with Johanna. That evening, they discharge themselves from the hospital, and take a compartment together across from the one where Prim and Mrs. Everdeen live.

1/11: Peeta is allowed out for dinner with the rest of the district (wearing handcuffs in case he snaps and attacks Katniss again).

1/18: Peeta (sans cuffs, but with guards) starts attending the training workouts.

1/22: Johanna and Katniss are tested for field combat. Katniss passes, but Johanna has a breakdown and ends up back in the hospital.

1/29: Katniss's squad ships out to District 12, where they take a cargo car for a couple of days, then travel on foot through mountain tunnels to the Capitol train station where they had arrived both years before the Hunger Games.

2/3: Peeta arrives at their camp with no guards or cuffs. He was assigned by Coin herself, and Katniss deducts that she hopes that Peeta will kill her and make her a martyr for the cause (and to keep her from overthrowing her as a leader).

2/6: While filming a propo, the squad encounters land mines and scatters. Before dying, Katniss's squad leader tells her not to trust her superiors, not to go back to the base camp, and to kill Peeta. She makes the decision to go ahead and take her small team of survivors (Peeta included) to find and assassinate Snow. As they begin to covertly make their way through the Capitol, they are all pronounced dead on live TV. Coin cuts into the Capitol broadcast and gives Katniss's eulogy.

2/7: Still traveling in secret, the squad gets help from Tigris, a former stylist for the Hunger Games. She lets them hide out in her shop.

2/8: The Capitol government publicly rescinds their death proclamations for Katniss and co., and bounties are put on their heads.

2/9: Capitol refugees, running from attacks from the rebels, start flooding out into the streets and public areas-- it's determined that it's unsafe for the squad to stay in Tigris's hop, and so they move out (sans Peeta, who is too unpredictable behavior-wise to go with them). While hiding among the refugees, they're spotted, and Peacekeepers begin shooting into the crowd at random to try to get at them. Bombs are also activated. Snow uses Capitol children as a human shield around the City Circle, protecting him. A hovercraft drops parachutes down, and the children, thinking that they're food and medicine, take them-- but they turn out to be bombs that detonate once touched. Rebel medics that were flown in from District 13-- Prim among them-- immediately rush in to help, and many of them-- again, Prim included-- are killed when a second wave of parachutes is dropped. Katniss breaks, and is taken to a rebel-controlled Capitol hospital. Snow is captured, and the war is essentially won.

2/9-2/28: Katniss-- completely emotionally broken-- strays in and out of consciousness, unable to speak.

2/28: Katniss is released from the hospital and sent to live with her mother (who is almost never here, having completely thrown herself into her work out of grief) in a room in what had been Snow's mansion. Snow himself is also imprisoned in the mansion.

3/15: There is a vote to decide whether or not a Hunger Games should be held using Capitol children. Snow's execution is set to take place.

Onward: Over many years, Katniss very slowly starts to get better. She, Peeta, and Haymitch begin to put together a memory book of all the people that she and her loved ones have lost.
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